Treadmill Desk

I’m sure we’ve all read the studies about how sitting all day is killing us. Since much of what I need to do each day revolves around sitting, I thought I’d try a DIY treadmill desk.

Two pieces of wood propped between treadmill arm rests

My first attempt only had the bottom level, but it was enough to prove the concept to me. I wrote a few pages of a paper while walking about a mile (at a brisk 1.2mph), but even with the computer sitting atop a couple big books, things were too low. So tonight, I added the second layer.

Broader view of the treadmill showing the desk resting on top of the arm rests

Though it’s actually wedged between the supports fairly well, I was still worried that eventually the desk would shake itself loose. So I drilled two holes and ran some rope to strap the desk onto the treadmill.

Detail image of the loop of rope behind the desk, strapping it to the treadmill so it can't fall off

There’s about six inches of space between the two layers, and though it’s a lot more comfortable to type on now, the monitor of the laptop is still low. To fix that, we’ll soon be installing a mount and monitor on the wall.

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