A Maple Robot

This year marks 25 years of friendship with an old friend of mine. As he just had his first kid and enjoys working in a wood shop himself, I thought I’d get both my friend and his daughter a gift they could enjoy together.

Maple Robot, with cockeyed head and rope hair

Though my last few robots were made of pine, this one is maple for the added beauty and durability. Though I usually only pass one rope through the head, I was curious how things would turn out with a couple of ropes. Since this robot was for a little girl, it seemed like a good fit. I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

Detail of robot hair, with three stands of frayed rope coming out of the top of the head

As she’s not even a year old yet, she’s much too young to actually play with this robot yet. But I’m hoping it’ll last for the next twenty years - provided their dog doesn’t get to it first.

All my robots are in the imgur Album.

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