Kentucky Falls

One of my favorite Oregon hikes is Kentucky Falls, located in the coastal range between Eugene and Reedsport. At less than four miles, it’s short enough to do without a lot of preparation, but it has hills, dirt roads to get there, waterfalls, sweeping vistas of cut timber, and even Cascade views on the drive in. Everything Oregon wrapped up into an afternoon.

Over the last few weeks, my sister and her husband have been hiking with Hudson and me while Jillian is at work. Most hikes so far have been within town, but now that Hudson can walk part of the way we’re able to adventure a little further out of town.

Me walking Hudson down the trail

Unlike most hikes, this one starts at the high point, before descending to two waterfalls. After a set of switchbacks, we arrived at Upper Kentucky Falls.

Part of Upper Kentucky Falls, shot through a tree fork

Further on, we came to the confluence of the North Fork Smith River and Kentucky Creek, where you can see both North Fork Falls and Lower Kentucky Falls.

The enterance to the observation platform at Lower Kentucky Falls

Hudson wasn’t super excited by the falls. He mostly wanted to explore the rocks covered in moss. But he did sit still long enough for a picture.

Hudson and me next to Lower Kentucky Falls

My sister shot some video for us closer to the water, while Hudson and I stayed on the viewing platform so he could walk around a bit.

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